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Sit back and relax, pour yourself a cup of tea and immerse yourself in the contemplation that colouring brings. Take a moment for yourself and your baby, enjoy the life growing inside you by taking time for creativity and fun!

Prompts such as “dreams I have had”, “how am I nourishing myself” and “who will support me during labor” are different from regular baby or pregnancy books.

Give yourself a treat, colour and write your way through a blissful pregnancy, nourish the silent peace within you that will help you experience a blissful labor. Colouring puts you in  a right brain state, the same state you enter during birth.

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Benefits of Adult Coloring Books During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a trans-formative time.At-First-Sight-582x720 Not only are you creating a baby, you are also creating a mother. Relaxation and creativity are essential to a happy life and especially during pregnancy, stress needs to be reduced for optimal growth.

Coloring is a perfect way to get some relaxation and creative time into your life. During pregnancy, you need all the relaxation you can get. Taking quiet time for yourself is a great gift to honor yourself and your baby with.

Psychologist, Gloria Martinez Ayala says that coloring stimulates both hemispheres of the brain and exercises fine motor coordination. Logic is utilized to color forms, and creativity is activated by mixing and matching colors.

The reason coloring is so relaxing is because it lets you focus on an activity rather than on your stresses and worries. It exercises your imagination and brings you back to our childhood. You are freer and more creative in this state. You can express your emotions through your choice of colors, making your internal state more explicit.

a-source-of-strength-720x578Coloring during pregnancy can be utilized as a time for connecting with your unborn baby. While you color, you can also tune into your baby, send it loving thoughts, or feel it move. Just taking time to relax will benefit yours and your baby’s health.

The Blissful Birth: A Pregnancy Coloring Book contains blissful images of pregnancy and birth for you to color, as well as some journal pages for you to write. You will write about your ideal birth, any fears you have about birth, what kind of mother you want to be, any emotions that are coming up or dreams you have had about your baby. Use the images to create a relaxed and happy state of mind and carry this state of mind with you into birth.

After the birth of your child, you can use the images and journal pages as a keepsake for you and your child.

My hope is that this book can help women take the time they need for quietness and reflection, I want you to enjoy this pregnancy, you deserve to be blissful

Much Love,