Trauma Informed Care

On Mothers Day, March 2016 Tara Killen of MindfulBirth Therapies facilitated a Trauma Informed Care Workshop hosted by the Wicklow Doulas. This unique program is designed to equip birth professionals with the necessary skills to be a greater, more effective support to mothers and families while protecting their own emotional and mental health at the same time.

Birth professionals from all backgrounds – midwives, doulas, fertility workers, ante-natal instructors, yoga teachers, breastfeeding supporters, counsellors and therapists participated in this training.


Tara Killen is the founder of MindfulBirth Therapies. She has worked with over 700 mothers who have experienced birth trauma and has developed this professional workshop after being innundated with requests from birth professionals on how to better help support mums in their care.

‘There is so much you can do on the frontline to help mums recover from their experience. Take this training and feel more confident in your ability to help and support the mothers and families in your care and be more clear when you should refer out – and to who!’

The workshop gave me a greater confidence in my ability to support mothers who have experienced traumatic birth and also provides ongoing access and mentorship from Tara for 1 year in both the private FB community, online through the course & email access if I need help figuring out best steps for any particular client.