My Training

To qualify as a member of the Doula Association of Ireland, a doula must have completed an approved training course. Until assessment forms for the requisite number of births (three) have been submitted to the DAI, a doula is considered to be “under training”.

Abides by Doula Association of Ireland Code of Ethics

Abides by the DONA International Birth Doula Standards of Practice

Abides by the DONA International Birth Doula Code of Ethics

Attended a DONA approved Birth Doula Workshop

Completion of the Required Reading List

Completion of a Breastfeeding Class

Observation of Childbirth Preparation class (at least 12 hours of instruction time)

I completed my DONA International training course in October 2015 and am excited to be available to attend births that will count towards my full registration with DAI and DONA International.

As recommended by the DAI, as a doula under training, I am offering the following reduced rates for my services.




First booking in 2016 – 50% discount = €450

Second booking in 2016 – 33% discount = €600

Third booking in 2016 – 25% discount = €675

Further 10% discount for attending GentleBirth® Antenatal Workshop

* Women who are members of Aviva Health insurance (Alternative birth cover) may qualify for discounted doula services